Long Live the Ram 1500: Lynda's Story

There are a lot of Ram trucks out there on the roads today and, you may or may not be surprised to hear it, but many of them have been around for years and years and are still going strong! We'd like to talk about one Ram 1500 model in particular today, specifically a 1997 model that's owned by a woman named Lynda. She's loved this truck for years, driving it over 600,000 miles total and it still offers the performance and reliability she needs. Whether going to the store, going out for a cruise, or rescuing senior dogs from shelters, this Ram truck will stay by Lynda's side. See for yourself:



If you're ready to take home a truck to call your own, come out to see us here in Savannah, TN and we'll show you everything our lineup of new Ram trucks have to offer. When you see one you like, we'll offer up the details and send you out for a test drive you'll remember with a smile for weeks to come.

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